LYL Series "Leylâ" the Shot Glasses
LYL Series "Leylâ" the Shot Glasses
LYL Series "Leylâ" the Shot Glasses
LYL Series "Leylâ" the Shot Glasses

LYL Series "Leylâ" the Shot Glasses

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Behold all Soy users and fans!


Here comes our little gift to all party-goers and the actual socialites who throw them.


Our copper shot glasses are all painstakingly hand-spun from pure heavy gauge 1,25mm copper, and exceed in quality any metallic shot glass made from copper in any other part of the world.


A few important advantages of having a copper shot glass over actual glass:


-The copper shot glasses are, since made from copper, thermally superconductive, so you can cool them down to sub-zero temperatures by just letting them sit a mere minute in your freezer, ideal for the summer.


-Copper is malleable and will not break like glass, in case of a fall.


-Your copper shot glasses are completely stackable, you can store them easily this way.



Şerefe!! ("to the Honor!" / What we Turks say when we drink)



IMPORTANT NOTE: The Leylâ shooters are manufactured from pure and unlined copper, and are only made to serve alcoholic beverages, that will not react with the copper, so after contact with water, please dry them thoroughly inside and out.


NOTE: Our Leylâ Shot glasses are available with an optional inner silver lining (that handles prolongated contact with non-alcoholic shots better) that will last a lifetime. The price is 7,50US$ per product, please inquire if interested.


FINAL NOTE: The Leylâ Shooters can be made from Pure 999 Carat Solid Silver, please inquire for a quote.